Experienced Massachusetts Attorney Will Help You Discharge Your Debt Through Bankruptcy, Negotiation, or Countersuit

Unlike most bankruptcy attorneys, Christopher Brine offers debt defense and debt collection violation defense to give his clients more options when facing debt collection lawsuits. Don’t file for bankruptcy before exploring these other possible solutions.


Are you being hounded by debt collection calls and letters? Are you stuggling just to make minimum payments on unaffordable debt? If so, bankruptcy can help. 

Bankruptcy immediately stops collection efforts - including calls, letters, foreclosures, reposessions, and wage garnishments. And it can wipe out most debts and give you a fresh start moving forward. 

There are lots of myths out there about bankruptcy, but Brine Consumer Law will set you straight. We will walk you through the process, outline all options, and help you make the best decision possible. 

Debt DefenseDebt Defense

Have you been sued by a debt collector? Not sure where to turn? Thankfully, Brine Consumer Law is more than just a bankrupcy attorney. When you work with Brine Consumer Law, we will help you find the best solution for your unique needs. In some cases, this may mean launching a defense against a debt collection lawsuit that has been filed against you.

Read our debt defense page and schedule a free strategy session with Christopher Brine to find out if fighting back against a lawsuit is an option for you. If a debt collector lacks evidence of your debt they are required to have, or cannot prove that they have a right to collect, then you may be able to fight the lawsuit in court and win.

Contact Brine Consumer Law today to learn more.

Debt Collection ViolationsDebt Collection Violations

Have you been harassed or threatened by a debt collector? Are they trying to collect a debt that you don't owe? If so, you may have a right to sue them for damages. Put a stop to it and hold the violator responsible for its actions. Contact Brine Consumer Law today.