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More Than Just Bankruptcy

Many people who struggle with debt believe that filing for bankruptcy is their only option. In fact, many debt relief attorneys offer only bankruptcy services. However, Brine Consumer Law takes a different approach. We will discuss your situation and what your ideal outcome would be. It’s possible that we will find a solution that doesn’t involve bankruptcy. One such solution is debt defense.

If you have been notified that you are being sued for past debt, you may panic and decide you have to file for bankruptcy. Or you might ignore the lawsuit and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, it will not go away on its own. In fact, the debt collector may have filed a lawsuit hoping you will ignore it, so that he can get a default judgment against you.

What should you do?

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When debt buyers purchase debt for pennies on the dollar, they often don’t receive the documentation that will be necessary to prove the debt is legitimate. This can open the door for a skilled debt defense attorney to fight the debt in court.

Here are some important points to understand about debt collection lawsuits:

  • Even if the original debt is yours, the company now suing you must still show that they are entitled to collect it.
  • Debt buyers have the burden of proof - they are the plaintiff. This means they must provide admissible evidence that the debt belongs to you. If they bought the debt without underlying documentation, they may not be able to prove that it is yours.
  • If you ignore a lawsuit, a judgment will be entered against you by default. If that happens, it won’t matter if the debt buyer has documentation or a legal right to collect—your ability to fight the debt may be gone forever. This is why it is so important that you timely respond to the lawsuit with an attorney by your side.
  • If you attend court without an attorney, some debt buyers may try to convince you to sign an “agreement for judgment” with a payment plan. If you sign, you are admitting that the debt is yours—even if it isn’t, and even if the debt buyer lacks evidence. In fact, signing the agreement gives the debt buyer a better outcome than a default, since they will also get you to agree to make payments that might not othewise be required. 

Most bankruptcy attorneys don't also fight debt collection cases. Unless you speak with an attorney who practices in all these areas, how can you truly know what your options are? 

We Give Our Clients Options

Brine Consumer Law accepts debt defense cases at all court levels throughout Massachusetts: small claims, district court, and superior court. Many of these cases can be taken on a low-cost flat fee agreement.

Strategy sessions are always free, so contact Brine Consumer Law today to discuss your situation.